Bill Manning bmanning at ISI.EDU
Thu Sep 1 19:12:42 UTC 1994

> So Bill is this a trial balloon for the DC NAP to be declared a priority 
> ? Thats what two reporters who called me this morning tried to say. Hmmm, 
> no people sign for a NAP connection in DC. Well, the I supposed Wolff has 
> no other option but, to declare it a PRIORITY. That would be cute.
> Joseph Stroup
> Telecommunications - Network Consultant
> On Thu, 1 Sep 1994, Bill Manning wrote:
> > 
> > Actually, MFS is also playing the FDDI game. In addition, the have ethernet
> > attachments as well.  IMHO, (and speaking just for me), this NAP has the
> > most flexable attachment policy. Thats 50% of the NAPS w/ something other
> > than ATM day one.
> > 

No.  MFS was awarded an NAP in the DC area. A brief review sez that 
there are differences in NAP implementation by different providers.
It is incumbent of the potential players to select one or more 
attachment points as their needs/requirments dictate.


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