Martin Lee Schoffstall schoff at
Thu Sep 1 17:53:49 UTC 1994


you've turned this over to industry

but if there are predator practices you'll arbitrate (or intervene)

if you have left

then the FTC, FCC or Justice will "arbitrate" if the government is involved
at all

best for an industry association to arbitrate problems before they become
predatory practice, a predatory practice is a government issue


> > IMHO - this is not my employers opinion - some guidelines might be in
> > order.  I suggest the following (excuse the style here - just trying
> > to be as unambiguous as possible): 
> >           .
> >           .
> >           .
> >           .
> >           .
> >           .
> > NSF has made it clear that it does not want to be in the regulatory
> > business.  But if larger providers attempt unfair settlements
> > something like this might be neccesary.  Perhaps some other government
> > entity might end up stepping in.  We can only hope that things just
> > work out or that NSF is at least asked for advise before any
> > regulation is attempted.
> NSF is not contemplating guidelines.  We hope the industry will evolve 
> something better than N**2.  If predatory practice becomes evident, we'll 
> be happy to arbitrate.  If anti-competitive behavior emerges, we'll be 
> happy to remind those disadvantaged of their rights under existing law.
> -s

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