Joseph W. Stroup nettech at
Thu Sep 1 06:30:55 UTC 1994

Sean, After a series of conversations and meeting today Karl and I have 
decided to connect NET 99 to MAE east. While there is a congestion 
problem there I would expect to see improvement in the near future. Many 
other NSP's have been pushing us in that direction and I feel that we 
have made a good choice. We are NOT going to be connecting to any of the 
NAPs at this point. Given the many other points available to us it makes 
sense for us to avoid the NAPs and " Just Say No " at this time. If the 
market changes in the future, along with the technology we might re-consider.

Joseph Stroup
Telecommunications - Network Consultant

Mr. Packet says: Don't Delay, Re-route Today !

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