Souped up version of traceroute...

Jamshid Mahdavi mahdavi at
Mon Oct 31 20:38:51 UTC 1994


In response to my query before the last nanog meeting, I got a bunch
of responses of the form "well, now that you mention it, it sure would
be cool if traceroute...".  I also got several requests for our local
version (esp. re: MTU discovery).  I went through and did a little
cleaning up on our version, and then added a couple of new features.
The full list of added features in this version is:

-  Source route
-  MTU discovery
-  Statistics reporting
-  Higher precision timings reported (with caveats...)
-  Owner email lookup

The one thing I didn't add was the prtraceroute function.  I would
like to add this eventually, but it seemed like a bit longer of a
project than what time I had available.


I tried to test out by the old and the new features on both DEC and
SGI machines.  There may be bugs on other architectures; patches will
be cheerfully incorporated :-)


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