wiretapping continues....

George H. Clapp clapp at ameris.ameritech.com
Sun Oct 30 23:59:33 UTC 1994

>Date: Thu, 27 Oct 1994 14:43:37 -0400
>From: Vadim Antonov <avg at sprint.net>
>Subject: Re:  wiretapping continues....
>We will hit limitations of the present/then-future routing technology
>long before we'll exhaust the possibilities to increase the
>NAP aggregate and access bandwidth by cheap incremental upgrades.
>That's the whole point of Sprint NAP architecture. ATM/SMDS/Flame Delay
>do not get even close to what we achieve (and ATM is not useful yet).

Doesn't Sprint plan on offering an ATM service, and doesn't MFS
Datanet provide an ATM backbone service?

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