wiretapping continues....

Mark Knopper mak at aads.net
Fri Oct 28 18:20:54 UTC 1994

At 12:38 PM 10/28/94, John Scudder wrote:
>Mark writes:
>> Since it is not possible or desirable for NAP providers to collect
>> statistics on IP source/destination pairs, protocol types, or per-NSP
>> datagram counts,
>Reasonable people disagree as to whether it's desirable.

  This is actually an important point. It may be desirable to the
community, but not to our customers who are buying NAP service. Our first
priority has to be to our customers, though we hope we can fulfill the goal
of assisting the Internet community in the process.

>Possible (or at least feasible) I'll give you, so the point is pretty
>much moot.

  Not totally sure if you were agreeing or disagreeing. ATM NAP providers
at least would have a hard time looking at datagrams as a whole to do
"wiretapping". Maybe we can give you the average number of 1's and 0's in
each cell?



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