Traffic not reaching NorthWestNet

Sean Doran smd at
Fri Oct 28 00:11:03 UTC 1994

In message <199410272114.RAA01925 at>, Curtis Villamizar writ

| If I recall correctly, Sprint a while back had some routers roll over
| for a similar reason during a PSI transition of some sort.

Yes, one of the things I didn't get to in my NANOG presentation
due to lack of time is the fact that we still have several AGS+es
and a couple of 16Mbyte 7000s in the field.

We have upgrades scheduled and RPs in hand for the 7000s, so they will
be fixed soon.

The AGS+es are currently not doing backbone routing, and are all
being migrated into customer-access ASes so that they eventually
will be able to default to the 64Mbyte 7000s doing backbone routing.

The AGS+es eventually will be withdrawn as we will move customers
attached to them to 64Mbyte 7000s.

Anyway, the 16Mbyte routers that are out there now and participating
in AS 1239 iBGP mesh (older boxes that antedate the current engineering
plan) can and do keel over due to memory shortages.  We have at least
one multihomed customer in a similar situation.

We appreciate several of our peers' efforts to keep routing tables
small, and take defensive steps against those who do not.


P.S.: Numbers wise SL/ICM has 14 AGS+es, one of which will be
      decommissioned and replaced with a 7010 tonight.  There 
      are five 7000s with 16Mbytes still and they will be upgraded
      soon.  There are 25 64Mbyte routers turned up and active now,
      and a few others that in the being-installed phase, and
      considerably more on order and in the current engineering plan.

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