MAE-East, the NSFNET, and upgrades

Elise Gerich epg
Thu Oct 27 19:57:13 UTC 1994

In the transition planning, Merit and ANS had anticipated that many of the
regionals which use the NSFNET Backbone Service for inter-regional
connectivity would have completed their migration to new service providers
by October 31, 1994.  No regionals have yet completed this migration.

Anticipating the retirement of the NSFNET Backbone Service at College Park,
Alternet issued a termination notice for the MAE-East connection for October
31st.  In addition, the MAE-East Ethernet segment is saturated and the new
MAE-East+ FDDI colocation facility exists. In response to all these
issues, Merit and ANS plan to maintain support for SURAnet and upgrade
the NSFNET Backbone Service to MAE-East+.

In the interim, since the NSFNET Backbone Service to SURAnet at College 
Park will continue for the near term and since it is important to 
maintain the continuity of service to MAE-East, ANS has offered to 
support the MAE-East connection at College Park.

On behalf of the NSFNET project, Merit thanks Alternet for its previous
support to the project and ANS for its continuing support.


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