wiretapping continues....

Martin L. Schoffstall schoff at us.psi.com
Thu Oct 27 13:48:04 UTC 1994

> John Scudder then discussed some modeling he and Sue Hares have done 
> on the projected load at the NAPs. The basic conclusions are that the 
> FDDI technology (at Sprint) will be saturated sometime next year and 
> that load-balancing strategies among NSPs across the NAPS is 
> imperative for the long term viability of the new architecture. John 
> also expressed concern over the lack of expressed policy for 
> the collection of statistical data by the NAP operators. All of the 
> NAP operator are present and stated that they will collect data, but 
> that there are serious and open questions concerning the privacy of 
> that data and how to publish it appropriately. John said that 
> collecting the data was most important. Without the data, there is 
> no source information from which publication become possible. He said 
> that MERIT/NSFNET had already tackled these issues. Maybe the 
> NAP operators can use this previous work as a model to develop their 
> own policies for publication. 

Merit/NSFNet already tackled these issues in an insufficent and unopen manner.

MarkFedor/ColeLibby from PSI said there was a "quiet" admission that the old 
methodology was already "approved" for the SPRINT NAP.


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