mbone/NSFnet migration (fwd)

Matt Mathis mathis at pele.psc.edu
Thu Oct 20 14:41:52 UTC 1994

I would rather see a discussion of the estimated load at the NAPs.

Consider the worst possible migration sequence where (I'm guessing)
BARRNet, NC-REN, NEARnet and Sesquinet transition first.  What will be the
forecast load at the NAPs?  Is the calculation quick enough to run
for all 2^9 splits of the MCInet customers? (Assume Sprintlink customers
and other connectivity havn't moved yet)

What is the timeline for direct MCInet connections to other
interconnects/providers (FIX, MAE, ICM, etc).  Is this traffic going to transit
ANS in the interim?

BTW: I have "the mother of all colds", and may not be able to make the meeting.
I hope the mbone broadcast makes it...


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