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Wed Oct 19 15:28:46 UTC 1994

NOTE:  Change of location of meeting on Tuesday 10/25 to Room #165 Chrysler
       Center-lower level.
       Shuttle service is available from the Holiday Inn and the Campus Inn
       to and from the meeting.  Due to construction and cost of parking 
       permits ($5.75 per day) it would be to your benefit to make use of 
       the service.

       To reach the Chrysler Center from the North Commons parking lot, you
       must go through the North Commons Building exit by Little Caesars,
       turn left and enter the building next door.  This is the lower level
       of the Chrysler Center the Monday meeting is upstairs and Tuesday
       will be on the lower level.

> October 24 & 25, 1994 (Monday & Tuesday)
> Ann Arbor, MI
> Contact person  Pam Ciesla (pam at
> October 24, 1994
> Chrysler Center
> North Campus
> 269 Bonisteel
> 9:00AM - 5:00PM
> Continental Breakfast 8:30
> NOTE:  You must enter this building from Bonisteel due to construction.
> October 25, 1994
> Chrysler Center
> Room 165 - Lower level
> North Campus
> 269 Bonisteel
> 9:00AM - 12:00PM
> Continental Breakfast 8:30
> NOTE:  You must enter this building from Bonisteel due to construction.
> 1.      If you are from out of town and need a parking permit they will be
>         available where you sign in for $5.75 per day. DO NOT park at meters
>         when using a parking permit.
> 2.    Detroit Metropolitian Airport is located 25 miles east of Ann Arbor
>         on I-94.  At Metro you will find many car rental agencies and a bus
>         service, Commuter Service (in Michigan 1-800-351-LIMO, Nationwide,
>         1-800-458-9401). You can buy a bus ticket at the Ground Transportation
>         Desk near the Luggage Pick-up (cash only).  Buses leave hourly and sto
>         at the Michigan Union (located on Central Campus) and major hotels in
>         Ann Arbor.  The fare is $14.00 one way or $25.00 roung trip (slighty
>         more to the hotels).  Make your return reservations the before you lea
>         and plan to leave 1 1/2 - 2 hours before you flight time.
> 3.      The Chrysler Ctr is located on Bonisteel Blvd.  To reach it from the
>         airport take I-94 west to I-23 north.  Exit on the Plymouth Road turn
>         left (west), you will pass 4 street lights at the 5th light (Murfin)
>         turn left.  You will take this past the 1st stop sigh (Hubbard) before
>         you get to the next stop sign (Bonisteel) turn left into the parking
>         lot. Due to construction this is the only close parking lot.
> 4.      The Holiday Inn is located on Plymouth Road just west of I-23.  It
>         is on the left (south) side of the road just over the expressway.
>         The Campus Inn is on Central Campus.  To get from the airport to
>         it you take I-94 west to I-23 north take the Washtenaw exit to
>         Ann Arbor (west).  Stay on Washtenaw until you get to E. Huron St.
>         Turn left and the hotel is on the left between State and Division.
>         You can ftp to directory pub/nsfnet/regional-techs/campus.
> to get a small map of Central Campus.
>         Holiday Inn 3600 Plymouth Road (313)769-9800
>         Campus Inn 615 E. Huron (313)769-2200
> Both the Holiday Inn and the Campus Inn are offering shuttles service to and
> from the NANOG Meeting.  Please let them know at the checkin desk that you
> are interested in this service and for the times of departure.  Due to the
> construction this is highly recommended.
> Rooms are blocked at:
>         Holiday Inn
>         3600 Plymouth Road
>         Ann Arbor, MI 48105 (Plymouth Road & US 23)
>         (313)769-9800 - phone
>         (313)761-1290 - fax
>         Dates 10/22-10/25 - NANOG Meeting
>         Campus Inn
>         615 E. Huron
>         Ann Arbor, MI 48104
>         (313)769-2200
>         Dates 10/23-10/25 - NANOG Meeting (no Saturday available)
> Although this is not a football weekend the hotels seem to be booked up
> for other activities.
> Other hotels near North Campus:
>         Red Roof Inn
>         3621 Plymouth Road
>         Ann Arbor, MI 48105
>         (313)996-5800
>         Hampton Inn
>         2300 Green Rd.
>         Ann Arbor, MI 48105
>         (313)996-4444
> There will be a sign up sheet at the meeting with directions to the above.


       North American Network Operators Group (NANOG)

October 24-25, 1994
University of Michigan

Monday, October 24--Chrysler Center - Auditorium

 Time               Topic                           Presenter(s)
  8:30 a.m.         Registration & continental
                    breakfast - Lobby
  9:00 a.m.         Welcome and introductions       Elise Gerich
  9:15 a.m.         NSFNET transition update        Elise Gerich
 10:00 a.m.         NSFNET traffic analysis         Sue Hares &
                    and projections for NAPS        John Sucdder
 10:45 a.m.         Break
 11:00 a.m.         Security of the DNS             Paul Vixie
 12:00 p.m.         Lunch - room #133
  1:30 p.m          RA project status               Elise Gerich
                                                    Bill Manning
                                                    Yakov Rekhter
  2:15 p.m.         PRDB-RRDB transition            Elise Gerich
  2:45 p.m.         European Operator's Forum--     Peter Lothberg
                    introduction and
                    interconnection overvew
  3:15 p.m.         Break
  3:30 p.m.         CIDR proxy aggregation          Yakov Rekhter
  4:00 p.m.         MCINet overview                 Joe Lawrence
  4:30 p.m.         Sprint backbone re-             Bob Collet

Tuesday, October 25-Chrysler Center - Room #165

 Time               Topic                           Presenter(s )

  8:30 a.m.         Continental breakfast - Lower level
  9:00 a.m.         San Franciso NAP status         Frank Liu, PacBell
                    San Francisco NAP testbed       Al Broscius, Bellcore
                    Future ATM/NAP plans            Chin Yuan, PacBell
  9:45 a.m.         TCP performance testing in      Curtis Villamizar,
                    ANSNET and NAP testbed          ANS
 10:30 a.m.         ATM-a user's view               Tim Salo, Minnesota
                                                    Supercomputer Center
 11:35 a.m.         ATM panel                       Tim Salo
 12:00 p.m.         Adjourn


  Pam Ciesla

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