SF NAP Status

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ans.net
Sat Oct 15 04:59:28 UTC 1994

In message <9410142032.AA21381 at pop.srv.PacBell.COM>, Frank Liu writes:
> Curtis,
> MCInet and ANS are doing some throughput test which is a very high level
> performance test. We can do some perfrmance
> test when the link to the PacBell lab is ready. Looking forward to listening 
> to your presentation at NANOG.
> Frank


You might consider using packet sources with relatively constant
interpacket spacing to be high level, but we have seen that it is
entirely possible to do very well in such tests and then fail
miserably under an actual traffic load.

If you are interested in previewing (comments welcome), the
preliminary results and content of my discussion next Monday (slides
and annotation) now have a
<a href="http://tweedledee.ans.net:8001/nap-testing/">
temporary home</a>.  :-)
It will move so please don't reference any URLs.


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