SF NAP Status

Curtis Villamizar curtis at ans.net
Fri Oct 14 18:41:24 UTC 1994

In message <9410141742.AA20888 at pop.srv.PacBell.COM>, Frank Liu writes:

> ANS/NSFNET: Up and running, ping and testing performanace with MCInet


I think you mean circuit acceptance testing (fastping) and functional
testing with MCI here.  Performance testing is a whole different
subject.  Please let me know if you would like to perform some
realistic performance testing in addition to the circuit testing.
If so, we can take this off line.


BTW - Bellcore set up their prototype NAP on the ANS testnet and we
have some preliminary results from tests using TCP and a moderate
delay (20 msec RTT).  I will provide preliminary result shortly.

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