Chicago NAP status

Sean Doran smd at
Fri Oct 14 11:43:33 UTC 1994

| are you aware of any bilateral agreements to make Internet
| connectivity happen there?

Sprint will peer with and announce all our customer routes
(including reseller and international routes) to
any NSP or any other party which connects to any of
the NSF priority NAPs.  

We will take all the routes announced by and belonging to anybody
attached to any of the NSF priority NAPs and use them within SL/ICM
the routing matrix, and announce them to all our customers who take
full routing (including reseller and international customers).

We will do the same thing with any IP service provider which
connects to MAE-EAST+/MAE-EAST or either of the two FIXes.
We also will investigate other public peering points as events

I wouldn't expect anyone to announce bilateral peerings until level-2
connectivity is up and running properly.


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