Chicago NAP status

Mark Knopper mak at
Fri Oct 14 10:46:42 UTC 1994

Chicago NAP Status Report

Ameritech Advanced Data Services

ISI/Route Server: A letter of intent from ISI has been received. ISI will ship
a cisco 7010 router and Sun workstation to AADS operations in Chicago. The
equipment space is being prepared, and will be ready by the time the equipment

MCI: A letter of intent and purchase order from MCI has been received. A DS-3
circuit to the MCI POP at Downers Grove has been ordered.

ANS: A letter of intent has been received from ANS. A DS-3 circuit to the ANS
location at Downers Grove has been ordered.

Sprint: The order is being worked on. Sprint intends to use their own circuit
for access to the AADS ATM service.

We are also in discussions with various other ISP/NSPs and government
agency networks regarding connection to the NAP.


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