Second ATM NAP Workshop???

Tim Salo tjs at
Sat Nov 12 22:44:36 UTC 1994

I recommend that, in the absence of strong objection, we hold a second
ATM NAP Workshop during the San Jose IETF meetings.

I recommend that the Second ATM NAP Workshop be held on Tuesday, 
December 6 from 9:00 to 3:30.

I recommend the following agenda topics:

o	Overview of First ATM NAP Workshop conclusions

o	Status of ATM NAP implementations

o	Vendor status

	-	Cisco
	-	Kentrox
	-	Digital Link
	-	Others???

o	ATM interoperability test results

o	ATM performance test results

o	Discussion of future ATM test opportunities

o	Direct ATM connections to ATM NAPs

o	Use of SVCs within ATM NAPs (?)

What topics am I missing?

Does anyone have a topic which they would like to present or

TIm Salo
tjs at
(612) 337-3555

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