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Pushpendra Mohta pushp at CERF.NET
Wed Nov 9 07:35:34 UTC 1994

Vadim Antonov writes:
> >Wide-area DS-3 ATM service can often be cost effective because:
> >
> >o       The number of DS-3 local loops is often reduced
> >
> >        [For example, three DS-3s connecting three sites require
> >        six local loops, while three DS-3 ATM connections require only
> >        three local loops.]
> >
> >o       DS-3 ATM pricing seems to typically be distance-insensitive.
> The same applies to wide-area native IP network.  My point is that
> native IP is more cost-effective than IP-over-ATM.
> --vadim

Thats a matter of relative pricing offered by different vendors. 

I investigated this for my post NSFNET architecture and in one notable
case, I found the reverse to be be true for the effective bandwidths I
was looking for. ;-)


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