...and the RA?

bmanning at ISI.EDU bmanning at ISI.EDU
Wed Nov 9 00:13:30 UTC 1994

Good Afternoon.
	In the spirit of cooperation and sharing, attached is the first draft of the
	RA Peering Agreement.  It can be used regardless of number of hops required
	to access any specific RS run by the RA.
	Comments are welcome.

The Routing Arbiter Peering Agreement........................ 08Nov1994

The Routing Arbiter will peer with and accept all routes from any NSP or any 
other party.  Announcements from the RA are subject to specific NSP policy 
constraints as registered in the Global Routing Registry as seen by the RA.db.

The Routing Arbiter agrees to perform this function, assuming no liability 
on the the part of the RA for any service that it chooses to render to the 
Internet community.


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