apology: attribution of bilateral to PSI

Bob Collet rcollet at sprint.net
Wed Nov 2 00:47:55 UTC 1994


we aplogise for not providing appropriate attribution to PSI for its 
pioneering work in this area.  The omission is deeply regretted.

Bob Collet

> Date: Tue, 1 Nov 94 11:34:23 EST 
> From: schoff at us.psi.com (Marty Schoffstall) 
> Message-Id: <9411011634.AA22842 at us.psi.com> 
> To: nanog at merit.edu 
> Subject: A sample bilateral agreement in Sprint's NAP handbook 
> Cc: jte at psi.com, wls at psi.com 
> fyi, 
> the bilateral agreement found in the sprint nap handbook is 90% 
> materially what PSI and SPRINT have worked on together for a 
> bilateral. (it would be nice if sprint had given us a bit of citation 
> there). 
> This is the second bilateral example that psi has worked on with others. 
> Since bilaterals are EXPLICITLY part of the NAP model, it would be nice 
> to see some other agreements posted for reference purposes, or is this 
> going to be confidential/proprietary matters? 
> marty 

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