A sample bilateral agreement in Sprint's NAP handbook

Paul Love epl at SDSC.EDU
Tue Nov 1 17:21:36 UTC 1994


Sorry for the lack of credit to PSI.  It will be rectified ASAP.
The fault is mine for not checking where the original text came 
from, for which you have humble apologies. 

Consultant to Sprint
for the NSF NAP Project

On Tue, 1 Nov 1994, Marty Schoffstall wrote:

> fyi,
> the bilateral agreement found in the sprint nap handbook is 90% materially
> what PSI and SPRINT have worked on together for a bilateral. (it would
> be nice if sprint had given us a bit of citation there).
> This is the second bilateral example that psi has worked on with others.
> Since bilaterals are EXPLICITLY part of the NAP model, it would be nice
> to see some other agreements posted for reference purposes, or is this
> going to be confidential/proprietary matters?
> marty

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