NANOG Meeting Agenda

Pam Ciesla pam
Thu May 26 11:45:52 UTC 1994

The following is the proposed agenda for the June 2 & 3 NANOG Meeting
being held in Ann Arbor, MI at the Chrysler Center.  We are planning
to broadcast this meeting over the MBONE.

Thurs, June 2
09:00           Introductions, etc              Elise Gerich

09:15           Transition overview             Sue Hares

10:15           Overview of AADS, Bellcore,
                 Pacific Bell Joint Proposal    Al Broscius

10:45           Technical Specifications
                for attaching to NAPs           Panel (PacBell, Ameritech,
                                                MFS, Sprint)

12:15 - 13:30   Lunch

13:30           Service Offering by NAP awardees        NAP Panel

15:00           Break

15:15           NAP Network Operations                  NAP Panel

17:00           End of Day's Session

18:00           Dinner at Washington Street Station

21:00           Whirlyball

Friday, June 3
09:00           Routing at the ATM Testbed              Jessica Yu

10:00           Network Managment for Route Servers     Bill Norton

10:30           Routing Registries                      Dale Johnson

11:00           ISI's RA Report                         Deborah Estrin
                (via MBONE)

11:30           Future NANOG Meetings                   Elise Gerich

12:00           Adjourn

 Pam Ciesla

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