Demise of "Fake ASs" has begun

Dale S. Johnson dsj
Thu May 19 19:03:41 UTC 1994

I am delighted to announce that the demise of "Fake ASs" has begun.  In
coordination with CA*Net, we have removed all references to AS 601, 602,
and 603 from the PRDB, and have replaced those references to AS 507
specifying specific NSSs:

           1:577(133) 2:577(137) 3:577(143)

These changes will show up in tomorrow morning's config reports, including

	N:132.216/16  D:10/29/93  1:577(137)  2:577(133)  3:577(143)

132.204|16|NET-UMTLNET||N|CA|||University of Montreal, Pavillon Principal, 2900 Boulevard Edouard Montpetit, Montreal, Quebec H3C 3J7, CANADA|93/03/18|89/08/21|1:577(137) 2:577(133) 3:577(143) |N|||N|

and the NWG report:

142.89/16       STJOESLONDON          C:CA  1:577(133) 2:577(137) 3:577(143)

This new syntax is now also accepted on NACRs and through the auto-NACR

Other ASs which are currently using Fake AS numbers to support multiple
connections to the NSFNET will be cut over in the next few weeks.  Steve
Richardson (sjr at is the contact for coordinating these changes.

----------------------------------------------------------------Dale Johnson

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