Regional Techs Mtg 6/2&3

Cathy Wittbrodt cjw at magnolia.Stanford.EDU
Tue May 3 18:00:50 UTC 1994


I just called the Campus Inn and they have no block of rooms for Merit
or the "Regional Techs".    


    From: Pam Ciesla <pam at>
    Subject: Regional Techs Mtg 6/2&3
    I was able to block 10 rooms at the Campus Inn (main campus).
    Rates single $78.00  double $90.00 release date 5/13/94 just
    ask for Regional Techs phone #(313)769-2200.  There are also
    rooms available at the Holiday Inn phone #(313)769-9800 (near
    North Campus).  Please register soon.  Thanks
      Pam Ciesla

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