Questions for NSPs

Jim Williams jimw at
Fri Mar 25 21:21:57 UTC 1994

Dear Network Service Providers:

As you know, Merit and ISI, with assistance from IBM, are teaming to
provide the Routing Arbiter function.  We intend to deploy Route Servers
at each NAP location to interact with NSP's routers on the NAP.  We have a 
number of questions regarding NSP's routing requirements on NAPs.  We
need to better understand your intentions as we prepare for the Route
Server software design, hardware configuration, routing engineering and
network management strategy at NAPs.  

We've prepared a list of questions below and would greatly appreciate your
responses at your earliest convenience.  We will consider your response
confidential and will not circulate it beyond those working on the
Merit/ISI/IBM team and NSF without your consent.

Please send your response to ra-mgt at

1. Name of the network and the organization providing the service?

2. Contact information?

a. Administrative contact:
        E-mail address:
        Phone number:
        Fax number:

b. Technical contact:
        E-mail address:
        Phone number:
        Fax number:
3. Do you plan to connect your network to NAPs? 
				Initially		Future
	Washington D.C.
	New York

If the answer to 3) is yes, please continue:

4. What kind of interface do you prefer for connecting to the NAPs?

	a. ATM
	b. SMDS
	c. Frame Relay
	d. FDDI
	e. Ethernet
	f. Other(specify)

5. What access bandwidth are you planning to connect to NAP?

	a. 10 MB/s
	b. 100MB/s
	c. DS1
	d. DS3
	e. OC3 or above
	f. other(specify)

6. What NAP access mechanisms do you prefer?

	a. co-location
	b. remote 
	c. other(specify) 

7. Will your NAP-connected-router(s) peer with the Route Server(RS) provided
   by the RA?
				Yes	No

8. What kind of routers are you planning on using to connect to NAPs?


9. If the answer to 7) is yes, what routing protocol do you intend to use?
			 	Initially	Future
	a. BGP4
	b. IDRP
	c. Other(specify)

10. What protocol(s) will be desirable for a NAP to support?
				Initially	Future
	a. IP
	b. CLNP
	c. Other(specify)

11. Would you be willing to provide the RA with SNMP read only access to
your NAP- connected-router(s)?

12. Will you be using the Routing Registry provided by the RA to

	a. register your routing information (yes/no)? 
	b. make use of the information (yes/no)?

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