CIDR deployment

Jessica Yu jyy at
Fri Mar 25 19:10:44 UTC 1994

Let me make this clear:

I do not favor doing just test and test and I do not think I have been advocating 
that.  In fact, I have been working with ASs to BGP4 with NSFNET and advertise
aggregates to it.  I like the approach of using a test component or a test CIDR
route to detecting the existence of CIDR holes (note just for the probing) to
help working towards the withdrawal of more specific operational routes.

a. I think people should move from BGP3 to BGP4 as soon as possible

        Currently, there are 20 ASs with ~45 peers which are actively
        BGP4 with NSF/ANSNet.

b. I think those already run BGP4 should advertise aggregates to get ready to
   withdraw more specific routes.

c. I think those ASs still do neigher CIDR nor default should get their act
   together not to be CIDR holes which preventing others from withdraw more
   specific routes.

d. I think it is very important now to detecting CIDR holes and do whatever
   possible to fill them so specific routes could be replaced by CIDR routes
   and thus reduce the size of routing tables.

        It is great to hear that CIX will CIDR today or early next week.
        That will certainly move us forward.

        Also, since Harvard has already detecting such holes for us,
        ASs which has little or none connectivity needs to those ASs on
        Harvard's list could in fact start to withdraw more specific


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