CIDR deployment

Jessica Yu jyy at
Thu Mar 24 22:21:38 UTC 1994

From:    Vince Fuller <vaf at Valinor.Stanford.EDU>
Subject: Re: CIDR deployment

A live network is something which is very hard to simulate, as anyone who has
worked on new software or procedures for an operational network will probably
tell you.

	Agree.  But in this case, the objective is to detect CIDR blackholes.
	Using Harvard's systematic connectivity test approach with a test net 
	could accomplish the same as with a live network.  Why using live networks?

I don't understand your objection - we have people who are willing, able, and
ready to cut some of their operational traffic over to using CIDR addressing.
This is with the full knowledge that there might be problems. Why not let them
do it? We will, of course, keep configurations in place to allow them and us
to back- out dependancies on CIDR on a moment's notice, in case things don't
work and we can't fix the CIDR infrastructure in a timely manner.

	I just think there is a safer way to accomplish the same at this
	stage, see above.  When most of the CIDR unreachable ASs on Harvard's 
	list (not 'Shindler's List' :-)) disappear, there will be much less 
	unreachables from/to live network and that is the time. 

	I think what prevents us to move forward is the CIDR holes (ASs is neigher 
	CIDRing nor defaulting).  We need to continue detecting the holes and 
	fill these holes one way or the other.



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