CIDR deployment

William Manning bmanning at
Sat Mar 19 00:25:54 UTC 1994

>> Of course!  Just a question?  How can Jessica (or anyone at Merit/ANS
>> Sprint, Ebone or anyone else reselling) -prevent- the customer from
>> doing aggregation once (M/A, Sprint, Alternet, Ebone) are cidr capable?
>  Don't beleive them. 

Perhaps I was not clear. If I (NSP to the world) claim the be cidr capable
and willing to accept & transit cidr routes,  what basis do I have to 
restrict my clients from sending me aggregated routes?  If I follow the 
advice given above, (from a number of folks), then I am capricious in
acceptance of stated policy.  Merit/ANS should accept my NACR for route
addition/removal as long as it affects nets that are verifiably mine.
Sprint, Alternet, and Ebone are in the same boat (I think).

Can any of us arbitrarily deny our clients?  I think not.  If I choose to 
have Merit/ANS remove more specific routes, I think they are obligated to 
do so.  Is this true?  That way, -I- am responsible, not my provider.

Bill Manning 

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