CIDR deployment

Jessica Yu jyy at
Fri Mar 18 22:01:25 UTC 1994

        >Are you advocating to use real operational nets as 
        >guinea pigs :-)?  I feel, at least in this stage which
        >we know the exsitence of CIDR-traffic-black-holing-ASs, 
        >Eric-jan's approach is a more appropraite one.

  >We seem to already have a more than adequate supply of volunteers to be
>guinea pigs, so I see no reason not to procede with testing on live network


	If there is a way to achieve the same goal without having
	impact on the live network at this stage, why do that way?  
	Eric-jan's approach accomplishes that.  By the way, Peter has
	a nice summary of the approach.


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