CIDR deployment

Jessica Yu jyy at
Fri Mar 18 16:36:17 UTC 1994


>I suspect that most providers have a classful network number 
>within a CIDR  block that does not have production hosts on it 
>which they can use for this kind of testing.

	I think so.

>Thus, this does not have to be a test using live traffic.
>Testing would look like:

        >1. Send in specific classful routes including the "test network"
        >2. Send in aggregate route
        >3. Test connectivity ala Havard ...
        >4. Withdraw the test network route
        >5. Test connectivity ala Havard from a test station 
                >on the "test network"

        >6. If everything  is okay, then removing the rest of the specific
                network number routes would seem to be okay.

	I think this is a good approach and it is basically what Eric-jan 
	is doing.  He did not do Step1 and step4 which are not necessary.  
	It achives the goal of detecting existing CIDR-traffic-black-holing-ASs
	and moving towards the withdrawal of the living classful routes included
	in this aggregate.

>It may be necessary to this on an aggregate by aggregate basis until 
>all of the operational configuration issues are wrinkled out.

>This would seem to meet your safety concerns.

	Yes.  Again, I think this approach be used only for this stage
	when we can name the ASs which are neigher do CIDR nor defaulting
	yet.  I still think this is a better approach than using live nets 
	to verify the brokeness of connectivity to CIDR routes. 

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