CIDR deployment

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Fri Mar 18 15:29:35 UTC 1994

> >Third party routes work.  The packets shouldn't be bouncing off the
> >ENSS.  You just get an extra AS number in the path.
> The only third-party routes i'm getting from 690 at FIX-W are
> from AS 60 (DARPA) and AS 568 (DCA).
> --vadim

That's true.  E144 is Barrnet's secondary attachment.  I suppose it is
up to Barrnet whether they want traffic to and from Sprintlink to go
through their backup connectivity at E144 or traverse the T3 network
to Hayward, and if so, how much of it they want to take that path.  I
don't know Barrnet's internal capacity and loading well enough to know
whether a direct peering would be preferable.


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