CIDR deployment

Peter S. Ford peter at
Thu Mar 17 23:13:26 UTC 1994


I suspect that most providers have a classful network number 
within a CIDR  block that does not have production hosts on it 
which they can use for this kind of testing.

Thus, this does not have to be a test using live traffic.
Testing would look like:

	Send in specific classful routes including the "test network"
	Send in aggregate route
	Test connectivity ala Havard ...
	Withdraw the test network route
	Test connectivity ala Havard from a test station 
		on the "test network"
	If everything  is okay, then removing the rest of the specific
		network number routes would seem to be okay.

It may be necessary to this on an aggregate by aggregate basis until 
all of the operational configuration issues are wrinkled out.

This would seem to meet your safety concerns.


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