CIDR deployment

Elise Gerich epg
Thu Mar 17 21:02:46 UTC 1994

> Dennis, I'd really second the suggestion you made about pulling the default.
> If a pile of people are pointing default at the NSFNet, and then you
> are pushing it to Dante, there is probably a pile of garbage traffic that
> is being passed along to Dante rather than being stopped at the entry 
> point into NSFNet.  So besides confusing where the problem is, it's 
> also probably creating network "hot spots".  
> If you don't need the default anymore, I'd really reccommend you get rid
> of it.
> 						Thanks,
> 						   Milo
One of the reasons that we have continued with default is that some folks
will loose connectivity to nets behind ASs such as NSI which don't point
default.  Jeff had sent a note indicating that you all were almost ready
to deploy something which would address this.  Has that been done?  I
wouldn't want to stop pointing default to AS1133 if a set of folks will
loose connectivity to the Pacific Rim.

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