CIDR deployment

Erik-Jan Bos erik-jan.bos at
Thu Mar 17 20:27:43 UTC 1994


> > NET           ASN       REGIONAL              COUNTRY        RESULT
> > ------------  --------  --------------------  -------------  ---------
> >    AS372(?)  NSN-AMES-AS(?)        Japan          Unreach
> >   AS372(?)  NSN-AMES-AS(?)        Australia      Unreach
> This is not actually NSI's problem, it is caused by the fact that the
> NSFnet has not been configured to accept 192.87.111/22 and hence is
> not carrying it.  The confusing part is that connectivity through
> there to most places still works because the NSFnet has a default
> route pointing at, which runs without route
> filters.  What this breaks, however, is that since NASA doesn't default
> to anyone they won't be able to reach anything which isn't explicitly
> announced to them, but we don't have the route to send to them.

Right. The request for sending a NACR for 192.87.108/22 (not 111!) was
issued today, but I was too quick, it has to be processed of course :-).
I'll consider this when I publish more results tomorrow.

> At the current state of the art, then, you really need to have the
> aggregate configured into the NSFnet database before this will work
> well.  We should also consider pulling the default route from
> the backbone, it is in principle no longer needed and causes no end
> of confusion about where the problems are occurring.

And removes the function of IGC (Internet Garbage Collector) from the box.


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