CIDR deployment

Paul Traina pst at
Thu Mar 17 19:15:13 UTC 1994

  From: Dennis Ferguson <dennis at>
  Subject: Re: CIDR deployment 
  > NET           ASN       REGIONAL              COUNTRY        RESULT
  > ------------  --------  --------------------  -------------  ---------
  >    AS372(?)  NSN-AMES-AS(?)        Japan          Unreach
  >   AS372(?)  NSN-AMES-AS(?)        Australia      Unreach
  This is not actually NSI's problem, it is caused by the fact that the
  NSFnet has not been configured to accept 192.87.111/22 and hence is
  not carrying it.  The confusing part is that connectivity through
  there to most places still works because the NSFnet has a default
  route pointing at, which runs without route
  filters.  What this breaks, however, is that since NASA doesn't default
  to anyone they won't be able to reach anything which isn't explicitly
  announced to them, but we don't have the route to send to them.

Dennis, could you comment about the state of the registries?  For the past
week,  BARRnet has been attempting to get our CIDR blocks into the
registries,  BARRnet says they are advertising our networks to ANS,  but
I don't see the route on the other side at the ICM.

  At the current state of the art, then, you really need to have the
  aggregate configured into the NSFnet database before this will work
  well.  We should also consider pulling the default route from
  the backbone, it is in principle no longer needed and causes no end
  of confusion about where the problems are occurring.

In principle, I agree with you 100%,  however,  I'd like some assurances
that the Merit registries aren't completely AFU since some folks have
already done their withdrawls,  and if you've got a problem inside ANS,
they default route may be their only saving grace.  On the other side,
I do agree with you that if there is a NSF/Merit/ANS problem, we need to
be able to discover where the problem lies with existing network tools.

Would someone in NSI care to coment about routing?  Are you folks carrying
a default to your FIX-W router or what?

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