CIDR deployment

Erik-Jan Bos erik-jan.bos at
Thu Mar 17 17:19:24 UTC 1994


> >I know, it's not ideal, but then again I think there is some urgency
> >in getting CIDR really off the ground by now...
> I think this should be *strongly* encouraged. We should clearly steer
> away from search for an "ideal" solution, and rather focus on pragmatic
> considerations.

Agreed. I am trying to do some "structured pragmatic testing" now.

SURFnet currently is announcing 192.87.108/22. Two out of the four Cs in
this blocks are also explicitly annonced ( and,
these are production nets).

I currently have a box (my personal laytoy) running in and
on the SURFnet backbone this network is routed. You can try to reach my
box ( doing pings or traceroutes (only), I leave it on
tonight, but please be gentle to the laptoy :-).

I am currently trying to ping to lots of regionals out there and making
a list out of the results.  I hope to publish something for real on
this tomorrow.

Here is a first glance:

NET           ASN       REGIONAL              COUNTRY        RESULT
------------  --------  --------------------  -------------  ---------    AS372(?)  NSN-AMES-AS(?)        Japan          Unreach   AS372(?)  NSN-AMES-AS(?)        Australia      Unreach  AS1653    SUNET                 Sweden         Reach    AS559     SWITCH                Switzerland    Reach (*)    AS714     APPLE-ENGINEERING-AS  US             Reach

(*) Path from mentioned network to laptoy is though


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