New supernet routes from AS 200

noc at noc at
Wed Mar 16 19:16:33 UTC 1994

FYI, we should now be originating the following CIDR routes into the NSFNET
and to our BGP4-capable peers: mask	[192.216/16] mask		[198.31/16] mask		[198.92/14] mask	[198.92/17] mask	[198.93.160/19]

198.93.160/19 and 198.92/17 are more-specific subsets of 198.92/14 which are
multi-homed via AS 1740 - don't know if they are announcing these yet.

No more-specific routes have been withdrawn yet, principally because a number
of our peers (i.e. CIX-WEST) are still not yet with the BGP4/CIDR program.


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