Steven K. Widmayer skw
Tue Mar 15 03:16:19 UTC 1994

 >Do we still propagate through the Internet the individual network
 >numbers associated with these routes ?
 >      Yakov:  I believe it is still the case at the moment (test and
 >      trial stage).  If anyone, at this point, replaced its classful routes 
 >      with an aggregate route, please speak up. 
 >                                                      --Jessica


I can tell you about a case last week where I encouraged Sprint to only 
configure the aggregate with NSFNET for 199.44.0/17, rather than the 
128 separate routes.  Though I don't see the route in the NSFNET routing 
tables yet, so I assume they are not announcing it yet.  Also, perhaps 
this isn't a good idea, since the gist of this conversation indicates 
we are still in the testing phase?
  --Steve Widmayer

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