Havard Eidnes Havard.Eidnes at
Fri Mar 11 22:48:04 UTC 1994

> 	2. Gain more confidenece with the newly deployed CIDR in the networks
> 		More aggressive testing: injecting test CIDR routes to the 
> 		Internet, announce it to the bgpd list along with a couple 
> 		of pingable hosts in the aggregate.

Well, how about injecting real production CIDR routes? :-)

> 	3. Establish procedures for ASs to announce the replacement of 
> 	   individual net routes to aid the detection of potential
> 	   impact/problem of removing such routes from the Internet.
> 		Andrew(?) suggested that ASs announce to the bgpd mailing
> 		list the list of individual intented to be replaced by 
> 		an aggregate route several days prior to the remove.
> 		This should be a good start, shall we agree on do
> 		that?  Is 3 days in advance reasonable?

Ok, I've already broken this rule, and the roof didn't cave in, but as the
people on the bgpd list saw it resulted in a connectivity problem.

As soon as you-know-who (at least those on the bgpd list know) gives me an
"ok" that they're ready (sometime this weekend), I will again withdraw the
129.241/16 route from the Internet, and instead rely on the 129.240/15
announcement.  A host to try to ping could be eg.  Problem
reports to me (yes, I've made sure your e-mail will reach me irrespective
of connecitivity problems for this specific network).

- Havard

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