Vince Fuller vaf at Valinor.Stanford.EDU
Fri Mar 11 22:12:09 UTC 1994

    Haven't we done enough of this already?  I think that EVERY site should go
    through this phase to verify their configurations and make sure their
    neighbors aren't doing anything stupid,  but I see no need for a site that
    has been CIDR-clueful for 6 months to continue pussyfooting about.
    Is everyone in the world (or at least on bgpd) going to go to the trouble
    of checking to see if they have a -correct- aggregate route covering
    the individual networks and report problems if they do not?  Furthermore,
    if they don't have the route,  what tools are there in place for tracking
    down the lack of said route?  If I'm advertising
    and I want to replace them with,  we can't track down the
    AS who is swallowing the CIDR route until we actually rip out one of
    the less specific routes.  Given that hurdle, I suggest cutting the
    administriva and yanking the less specific routes at a nice slow managable
    rate and watching the fireworks.

OK, so when will cisco be ready to run BGP4 to us?

Bluff called and raised.


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