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Fri Mar 11 21:19:23 UTC 1994


I am not aware of any concrete plan.  Anyone?  If no, let's work out a plan. 
The issues, which I can think of for now, needs to be addressed here are:

	1. Make sure no non-private ASs (for lack of a better work)
	   which are neigher CIDRized nor defaulting to other ASs.

		Existence of such AS will break the reachability of 
		CIDR routes if individual classful net routes are
		replaced with CIDR routes. 

		We need to set up a date by which we can assume 
    		all the ASs are either CIDRing and/or defaulting.

	2. Gain more confidenece with the newly deployed CIDR in the networks

		More aggressive testing: injecting test CIDR routes to the 
		Internet, announce it to the bgpd list along with a couple 
		of pingable hosts in the aggregate.

	3. Establish procedures for ASs to announce the replacement of 
	   individual net routes to aid the detection of potential impact/problem 
	   of removing such routes from the Internet.

		Andrew(?) suggested that ASs announce to the bgpd mailing
		list the list of individual intented to be replaced by 
		an aggregate route several days prior to the remove.

		This should be a good start, shall we agree on do
		that?  Is 3 days in advance reasonable ?    


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Ref:  Your note of Thu, 10 Mar 1994 10:50:24 -0500

>I believe it is still the case at the moment (test & trial stage)
Are there any plans to move beyond the "test & trial stage" ?
If yes, then do we have any concrete dates for when the
individual networks (that form a single prefix) will be
removed from the routing ?


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