CIDR in the Internet

Jordan Becker becker at
Thu Mar 10 00:28:21 UTC 1994

> Yakov:
> Below are some aggregate routes known to NSF/ANSnet backbone
> currently.  There are more aggregate routes have been configured to be
> advertise to the BB.
> CIDR routes in Ann Arbor ENSS's routing table:
> 193.157.64       UG     (0)0 ffff e000                   
> 199.1.254       UG     (0)0 ffff fe00 
> 198.66        UG     (0)0 ffff 8000
> There are also other live CIDR routes exists in other NSP's routing
> table.  The prefixes are announced to the bgpd mailing list by the
> NSPs.
> 						--jessica

For those interested, the peers that AS690 now has established BGP4
sessions with include:

AlterNet             (AS701)
BARRNet              (AS200)
CERFNet              (AS1740, AS1838) 
COREN                (AS2882)
Dante                (AS1133, AS1674)
ESNet                (AS293)
ICMNet               (AS1240, AS1800)
NASA                 (AS297, AS372)
NEARNet              (AS560)
OARNet               (AS600)
SESQUINet            (AS114)
SURANet              (AS86)

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