CIDR in the Internet

Jessica Yu jyy at
Wed Mar 9 20:56:17 UTC 1994


Below are some aggregate routes known to NSF/ANSnet backbone currently.  There    
are more aggregate routes have been configured to be advertise to the BB. 

CIDR routes in Ann Arbor ENSS's routing table:

193.157.64       UG     (0)0 ffff e000                   
199.1.254       UG     (0)0 ffff fe00 
198.66        UG     (0)0 ffff 8000

There are also other live CIDR routes exists in other NSP's routing table.  The
prefixes are announced to the bgpd mailing list by the NSPs.


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It is my understanding that Feb 15 was the date when
we'll start using CIDR capabilities by keeping aggregates,
and not propagating individual network numbers. What is the
current status on this ? Are we doing this now ? And if not,
then do we have a new schedule for doing this ?

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