this week's CIDR progress

Jessica Yu jyy at
Fri Jun 17 18:47:25 UTC 1994

Hi, Folks:

The high growth rate of routing table is comming back.  We gained 134 routes
last week and that is all time high since CIDR got widely deployed dated back
in Apr.  It is time to do SOMETHING at your AS to bring the number down. 

If you have not run BGP4 yet, run BGP4 or delegate your CIDR capable neibhbor 
to do proxy aggregate.  

If you have already run BGP4 but not doing aggregate, advertise aggregate and 
withdrawn more specific routes.

Do something now and let's see the number next week.

This past week's (between 6/10 12:00(edt) - 6/17 12:00(edt)) CIDR 
progress from AS690's point view: 

Route table growth:      134 routes (ALARM!!! ) 
Route withdrawn:         36 routes

The following ASs and/or ASs behind them have withdrawn more specific routes 
during the period:

97      JvNCnet                 17
701     AlterNet                 9
1800    ICM-Atlantic             5
3577    PREPnet-WEST             1
293     ESNet                    1
2551    NETCOM                   1
1957    ANSCIX-AS                1
1329    ANS Greensboro           1

New challenges:

There are 1081 routes co-existing with its aggregate in the routing table
currently, that is they can be withdrawn as we speak.  ASs who advertise these
routes PLEASE withdrawn them.  A list of withdrawable routes will be sent to 
the contact individual ASs. Thanks!


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