Routing Stability Reports

Curtis Villamizar curtis at
Tue Jun 14 04:17:08 UTC 1994

The "External Routing Stability Reports" are becoming operational
again after being out of commision since BGP4/CIDR deployment last
February.  These are being sent only to AS directly peering with AS
690, by default to the mailing lists, unless we had
prior instructions to send the reports to other addresses (due to a
bug, those with special instructions didn't go out at all - now

It will soon be possible to receive reports for AS that are not
directly peering AS 690.  Mailing instructions for the reports for AS
that do not border AS 690 can be sent now even though the code isn't
quite ready.

Reports to an AS include all routes that had been announced by that AS
(and preferred by AS 690) any time during that day.  Any provider with
more than one AS number getting multiple reports, should report this
so I can add the mapping and reduce it to a single report.

Currently the thresholds for reporting remain a very high 50 route
changes per day or 1 hour of down time.  Daily summaries of the routes
that were less stable than that are now available for anonymous ftp

There should be other types of reports placed there later on in the
month including a report covering the status of all networks including
those that were stable.  A monthly-reports directory will be added
next month.  I'm moving the reports to the ftp site manually, so it
may not always be up to date until I automate this.

There were some problems earlier with running out of disk space that
resulted in quite a bit of lost data, but this has been solved by
keeping all compressed files in a compressed format and uncompressing
as needed (actually gzip/gunzip).  This also resulted in reports
getting delayed and Jun 9-12 reports all being sent earlier today.
Jun 13 report were just sent (normally for a change).


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