Pointers to the Windowed Ping paper.

John Hawkinson jhawk at panix.com
Wed Jun 8 20:52:48 UTC 1994

> From: alh at es.net

> I got the paper fine, but could not find anything to execute.

The windowed ping software is only distributed via
request; see the attached announcement notice.

John Hawkinson
jhawk at panix.com

To: regional-techs at merit.edu
Cc: wping at psc.edu
Subject: How to obtain windowed ping.
Date: Mon, 09 May 94 15:59:21 -0400
From: "Matt Mathis" <mathis at pele.psc.edu>
X-Mts: smtp

After some false starts, I am finally ready to distribute the *sources* to
windowed ping.  Plans to distribute binarys have been abandoned.

I have already sent out the first round.  If you think you requested it but
haven't seen anything, send your request again.

The paper is in ftp.psc.edu:pub/net_tools/WPing.ps .



Due to windowed ping's potential danger to the Internet, we are taking
measures to limit its distribution.  At this time we are only releasing the
code to people who support some aspect of the global Internet, including
network researchers, router vendors, and network service providers.  We are
not releasing windowed ping to people who have no use for it except to harass
their network providers.

To obtain a copy, send mail to wping at psc.edu.  In the body of the message
present some sort of credentials or justification.  A citation in a network
service directory, network performance research paper or product literature
will suffice.

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