Route path simulator

Michael E. Fox mfox at
Thu Jun 2 14:40:49 UTC 1994

Sorry for the cross posting but I thought input from all these groups might 
be beneficial.

I'm looking for some type of simulation program that would enable a network 
manager to view the route taken by packets in a complex IP network that 
utilizes more than just hop-count metrics.  Imagine a 100+ node network with 
link metrics ranging from 1 to 2000.  The goal is to determine (quickly and 
easily) the path taken by a packet from any particular source point to any 
particular destination point without having to manually add up all of the 
metric combinations to determine the least cost path.  Another goal is to be 
able to create a link failure and observe the new least cost path.  Another 
goal is to be allow what-if scenarios where the network manager can change 
the metric on a given link(s) and see the result.

Input to the simulation could be as simple as a flat file of point-to-point 
links and their associated metrics.  Output could also be a character-based 
flat file.  Graphical I/O would be ideal.  Note:  I'm not particularly 
interested in simulating traffic patterns with varying inter-arrival rates 
so something like Bones or CACI Network-II might be overkill.  Besides, I 
don't even know if they can provide what I'm looking for above (can they?).  
On the other hand, viewing traffic patterns might come in handy later.  Hmmmmm.

Any suggestions?

Michael Fox

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