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Fri Jul 1 13:40:00 UTC 1994

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 Please remove, user AXSVAST for your mailing list..........he mail box is being
 filled with junk mail...........thanks.....just like the following message...

 Vocational Agriculture Service
 1401 South Maryland Dr.  MC-710
 Urbana, IL 61801
 Tel. 217-244-5177   FAX 217-333-0005
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 To: nsfnet-cert at merit.edu
 Subject: Unsubscribe me too
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 My mail box is being filled with messages from a mailing list I never asked to
 join (most of the messages are from poeple like me wanting to unsubscribe).
 Please unsubscribe me.

     ~John McConnell
     Scientific Software Developer
     Department of Psychology
     University of Oregon

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