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Curtis Villamizar curtis at ans.net
Mon Jan 31 16:20:07 UTC 1994


If I'm wrong on this, I'm hoping to be gently corrected and not
severely flamed as I might be on com-priv.

> The only solution is to talk to service providers which will redistribute
> the NSFNET routes and try to make a deal (if your customers agree to
> only send traffic which is AUP compliant to the NSFNET service.)

Isn't connecting to ANS and paying the ANS CO+RE fee an option?  Or
connecting through a provider that has paid the ANS CO+RE fee?  I
thought that fund was set up so commercial providers could connect to
NSF and contribute to the cost so that NSF only directly funds RE.

I thought that was the current status although some people violently
disagree with NSF's decision to make that option available.

Wearing asbestos underware just in case,


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