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I am working with a company to form a network to resell Internet 
access.  Years of experience with the existing NSF based Internet 
does not prepare me for the present confusion  I see in the 
commercial Internet world.

1.  I am forced to assume that CIX membership does not connect me to 
the NSF backbone therefore I am missing half of the Internet!  If 
this is true, how do I connect to the other half?   

2.  With CIDR and Number aggregation, we are expected to provide our 
customer networks a number range from our larger range.  However, we 
cannot get a number range from INTERNIC.  They expect us to get ours 
from "our supplier".  Is this CIX?  Or do you have to contract with a 
"supplier" who has NSF Backbone connections to get a IP number range? 
 I guess I thought that we would be a supplier!
 What am I missing?
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