EEPG Terms of Reference

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Thu Jan 27 19:30:06 UTC 1994

Thanks, Rich! I think this is good text. May be the NANOG would just
replace the names and essentially adopt the same text? I assume that's
also what you had in mind?


>Since the issue of NANOG is going to be discussed at the regional-techs
>meeting I thought it would be useful to have the EEPG ToR.  After I
>dug it out I thought I'd pass it along.  I believe this was the initial
>draft that Bernard published; I'm not sure if it's been updated (it's the
>only one I could find on
>                           TERMS OF REFERENCE 
>                                  FOR
>                           Bernhard Stockman
>                           December 27, 1993
>    The European Engineering and Planning Group is the platform for the
>    engineering and deployment planning of the European part of the
>    Internet. The Internet shall here be seen in a broader sense not
>    just networks based on the TCP/IP protocol suite.  EEPG will be
>    active in the area of operational planning and engineering among
>    various network service providers.  EEPG will work in close liaison
>    with the Intercontinental Enginering and Planning Group (IEPG) and
>    bring attention to IEPG key activities as relevant within the
>    European networking environment.  EEPG can thus be seen as the
>    European branch of the IEPG and European participation in the IEPG
>    will be drawn from EEPG.  EEPG is open for anyone but is mainly
>    intended for operational planning and engineering among network
>    service providers.
>    RIPE, being the organization for coordination of European network
>    services, is the adequate framework for the EEPG.  EEPG will thus
>    have the form of a RIPE Working Group and meet in conjunction with
>    general RIPE meetings, currently three times a year.
>    With the recent development and growth of the global network
>    environment and the foreseen problems in maintaining an ubiquitous
>    and homogeneous global network infrastructure the EEPG sees as its
>    role to to identify and prioritize key activities of a technical
>    nature which have a direct impact on the European and worldwide
>    networking environment. For this reason EEPG will:
>    - propose solutions for an optimized interconnectivity
>      infrastrucutre among European network service providers with the
>      ambition of securing maximal connectivity and flexibility in terms
>      of engineering and management.  With the increasing number of
>      international network service providers, the maintenance and
>      improvement of pan-European and global connectivity is an obvious
>      challenge.
>    - propose coordinated deployment of basic distributed network
>      applications.  The overall future of the global networking
>      infrastructure is dependent on our common ability to evolve the
>      collection of basic applications in the direction of enhanced
>      quality and reliability of services.
>    - propose practices and methods for efficient fault isolation and
>      recovery as well as coordinated information dissemination in the
>      area of network management.  The focus here is to advocate the
>      necessity of basic common operational methodologies and procedures
>      within each network provider's operational domain to ensure that
>      the user community can be serviced with a seamless end to end
>      capability with appropriate mechanisms to ensure overall quality
>      and reliability of the offered service. This area explicitly
>      includes Network Information Center (NIC) and Network Operations
>      Center (NOC) interaction.
>    An EEPG work-plan will be maintained describing current areas of
>    interest and priorities. The work-plan will from time to time be
>    updated and documented to reflect changes of focus.

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